Monday, June 9, 2008

The Auditions

From Seth
While I am impressed with the lineup and think that this year there are going to be a lot of strong competitors. I must say that I am a bit disappointed in the variety. It seems like they have a bevy of lyrical/jazz/classically trained dancers and 1 dancer of each sex from the "other" styles.

That being said, I will be hyper crazy in a few weeks when the routines start pouring in.

I also must say that I was completely blown away by the gall of some of the dancers. Crazy Bendy Alien pop-and-lock guy was insane, but chickens out even without trying, even when the judges are encouraging and supporting him.

Also, what the hell is up with the all the sassy backtalk? How on earth do people function in the professional dance world like that?

This year's top 20 -
12 Classically Trained (9 Contemporary Dancers and 3 Lyrical, Jazz, Ballet)
5 Hip Hop/Freestyle/Break Dancing
2 Latin
1 West Coast

Last Year -
9 Classically Trained
7 Hip Hop/Freestyle/Break Dancing
3 Latin (Includes Lacie who could be considered West Coast as well)
1 Ballroom


Todd said...

So when does the draft start?

Scott Angelius said...

Draft starts on Thursday, after the results show. That's when we see the top 18... we will then draft and ultimately each of us will have 3 dancers each.

Before that, on Wednesday night we will need your/ronni's guesses (along with everyone else's) of who is getting voted off on Thursday.

So Wednesday starts the game! :)