Thursday, June 19, 2008

Episode 2 votes!

Tena votes: Marquis and Susie

Marquis and Susie. Hated it. Marquis was all over the place and his technique was painful to watch. Please can we get rid of that chick Susie? She I never thought this girl should have been in the top twenty. I want her to go HOME! They did do a killer lift though. But my picks to go home are Marquis and Susie.

I really enjoyed Twitch's and Kherington's routine. Mia was smoking crack for criticizing her. Thayne and Chelsea were pretty bad tonight, worst of the bunch. But I don't think they will be voted out.

Scott and Vanessa vote: Matt and Susie

Ok, Susie is an obvious choice! She and Marquis should land in the bottom 3 and there is no way she is dancing for her life... seriously. She fell out of those basic turns at the beginning of their routine and it just went downhill from there. We struggled with Marquis VS Matt, but ultimately went with Matt because he and Kourtni will likely land in the bottom 3 and he is clunky, doesn't know how to use his arms, kicks and steps weird, and doesn't have a personality.

As for our team? Get. It. Katee. She and Joshua looked great yet again. Courtney also stepped it up... she was a beast in that routine. Then there was Chelsea... That routine was a complete disaster. We couldn't believe it when they complemented the horrendous choreography. And who in wardrobe thought it was a good idea to dressing her up like a clown... she's hot - don't put her in a stupid clown outfit with a some kind of diaper bottoms. Whatever the case, she didn't kill it and she'll need to step up if she wants to compete against Kherington / Katee / Chelsie H, because we know Thayne isn't going to pull her up.

Mikey votes: Thayne and Chelsea

Chelsea & Thayne: their routine was ok but there was really nothing there at all. it was void of emotion or it was like watching someone else try to express an emotion that they were told to feel. but done not well at all.

Joshua and Katee: are the the ones to beat right now. Joshua is did amazing last night in the Broadway routine. he really shows his versatility. but we'll have to see how he does in a partner dance like ballroom or latin numbers. Katee is amazing and i feel as though we haven't even begun to see what she is all about and what she is capable to do.

Susie & Marquise: have a strong partnership but i feel they were dealt a huge blow to there confidence by the comment of the salsa teacher dude. which was not needed at all. but susie really did try, almost sad to say, she tried too hard. she over thought every single one of her movements and the dance was at lack of fire & passion. Marquise's weak point is his partner skills in the more traditional partnered dances. they can both move and extend and really make things happen. so if they make it this week, they will need a contemporary, jazz, or lyrical routine to make them shine and stay in there...

Chris and Comfort: Krump, well it just wasn't KRUMP! so ya... but i think its hard to make a routine for krump. it is a raw and spontaneous dance where 90% of it is made up on the spot and then taken to a whole another level! they played it way safe.

Gev & Courtney: i think they really hit something new this week. Gev really showed his potential but need some direction to help bring it out. the beginning of the routine was great for him, it was masculine and then he slowly lost it thru out the routine. but all of the lifts and carries thru out the piece were amazing but Courtney does need to help him out more. maybe if she can bring that dormant piece out of Gev then they will do amazing things. Courtney's emotion was there and it was powerful but like i said she needs to let Gev show that as well. I put them in the bottom last week but I'm glad they stayed...

Will & Jessica: Will is amazing and has a strong work ethic and it is visible in every kind of movement he makes. and it doesn't lose any of the passion and emotion. with him it really looks like every movement he makes has a purpose and commits to it. and i believe it. Jessica has good movement but i feel like something is holding her back. she has sex appeal and she is beautiful, but, i don't think she can express that or maybe the show is getting to her and she is unable to move the way she really wants to. Will needs to help her and make sure to give her a safe haven to let her grow and move to another level in her dancing and her life. cuz you really cant have growth in dance and expect not to grow as a person... it all fits together and we are the only ones who can make our life grow to a point others can see it and feel it.

Matt & Kourtni: they were on the same page this week. emotionally and story-wise as well. they had a great, fun dance that had a lot of room for the them to play with and i think they did. Kourtni's arm extension, when she was connected to matt, were not great they didn't match his and weren't elegant. and Matt has a problem with his legs. a lot of the time if you notice on his last 2 pieces, his leg snaps a lot, i dare say too much, from the knee down. it dosent look right to me. but over all they are great dancers and are great match for each other. i expect more from them both though...

Mark & Chelsie: i think they are an underdog that no one quite pays attention to. they had a strong piece last week and followed it up again with another strong attempt at the Argentine Tango. and they fit it to a T! Mark was the ultra macho man with a heart for romance, like every latin man may i add! Chelsie is beautiful and really went for the "look what i can do to you" mentality that woman take when doing this dance. their connection was amazing and execution was flawless! i expect to see them both do very well and i cannot wait to watch there personal growth on this show!

Twitch & Kherington: wow Twitch is really breaking it down! he really excelled a great deal with this routine. i think the added emotional value of having this piece done for a greater purpose and reason really helped both of these dancer hit a new high. He portrayed a strong, supportive and loving man that would carry his love thru anything. that was shown when he held Kherington in his arms like a small child and danced the waltz pattern. this spoke volumes, almost as he was saying that "dont worry" and he will dance for them both. Kherington really does have it all, beauty, technique and grace. but she really does lack only one thing and that is life experience. as a dancer, or artist for that matter, you have to be able to draw from
life experiences to help you create a moment and express it to the masses. were those be good, bad, beauty or ugliness, you have them to take from and use them to make your dance all that more real. but both really are amazing dancers that i hope will come to blow our minds on the show!

Seth and Melinda vote: Marquis and Susie

Please for the love of all that is holy take Susie away! She is a phony and I don't even know how or why she ever made it to Vegas or further. They keep saying she is Sexy... but she isn't. Marquis just gets drug down with the filth, but he is also forgettable. His Salsa was terrible terrible as well.

Our team: Chelsie H. - Killed It. Sexy and Hot. Plus you are a part of a great dynamic partnership. Thayne - You were a slight disappointment this week my friend. That aside from the fact that you had to do a rather shitty choreography in shitty costuming. Gev. - You stepped it up a bit this week. Props to the B-Boy.

Let me just say that overall I was pretty disappointed this week. Not so much with the dancers, but with the routines and the choreography. I find myself being less entertained this Season so far. I don't care a lick for the Hip Hop. Maybe once they filter out the dancers that just need to go (I have 5 on my list) then we will really see some good stuff, although without Sparks I just don't know...

Jenna votes: Thayne and Susie

I really liked: Chelsie H and Mark, Twitchington, Courtney and Gev, and of course Joshua and Katee. I agreed with the judges about Chelsie's Tango in that in was technically excellent but didn't showcase enough passion. I was absolutely amazed by some of her footwork in that number. Courtney and Gev's performance was my favorite of the night. It was so nice to see Gev really step up in that routine. It was also danced that number with such masculinity and that was a pleasure to see. Frankly, I'm not sure the male contemporary dancers on the show could have have that quite as well. Kherington and Twitch did an amazing job as well and I feel like the judges are on crack for saying that she smiled to much during that piece. And Joshua and Katee managed to take a style that I hate and make me love what they've done with it. Awesome.

As for those I didn't like: Susie. I think she's awful. And as for the routines: Obviously, I hated the salsa routine. I was also disappointed with the number that Chris and Comfort did. I expected more from Comfort and I also thought Chris was a little soft.

To be honest, I have not been a fan of any of the hip hop on the show so far. I miss Shane Sparks (he's doing an opening routine for the results show and I can't wait!!). It seems like there is a certain rawness that either the choreographers have been neglecting or the dancers have not been able to capture. At this point, I'd even take a Dan Karaty routine over the stuff we've seen so far. The contemporary stuff, however, is amazing. Wow.

Yay! Shane Sparks!

Todd and Ronni vote: Chris and Kourtni

Chris - because the judges hate him and made it very clear to America. We could hear them subliminally chanting: "vote Chris off, vote Chris off, vote Chris off".

Kourtni - something about her aesthetic we don't like, plus she was in the bottom last week and we think America already dislikes her, so they will put here there again.

Our bottom 3 couples would be:

Chris and Comfort - Although we want Comfort to stay; white boy can't hang with the krump. We didn't think the choreography was very representative of krumping, but T said it might have been because Chris couldn't get it.

Marquis and Susie - Again, we want Susie to stay, and she could have rocked out some salsa, but she had to backlead herself through the entire performance because Marquis didn't lead a damn thing. Grrrrrrr. You could tell she wanted to say something about it to the judges, poor girl. At least Nigel noticed. I actually wanted Marquis as one to get voted off, but Todd thinks the judges will get everyone to vote off "The Tree" instead.

Matt and Kourtni - Eh, they can both go. Matt points his toes all the freakin' time, even in hard soled shoes (how does he do that?!!!) and she wobbles a lot. Neither of them complete their movements, never hit anything sharp. Just like one of the judges said, they don't know how to use their lankiness to their advantage and just look sloppy.

Who we think will be the final four and would have picked if others didn't beat us to it:

William (who we did grab and would like to point out that Mia said was a genius)
Joshua (has secret weapons like training in gymnastics and ballet. what else is he hiding?)
Katee (never seen a girl hit so hard who wasn't a popper. we love her dynamic)
Chelsie H. (she's not perfect, but the judges, and America, looooove heeeer)

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