Friday, August 8, 2008


Overall winner

Tena is the winner with 24 points!

2nd place is a tie: Jeanna and Seth & Melinda both have 21 points.

3rd place is Scott & Vanessa with 20 points.

Draft and Guesses

Best draft: Tena and Scott & Vanessa tied for first with 11 points.

Best guesses: Tena and Seth & Melinda tied for first with 13 points.

Final episode results

Tena votes: Joshua(3 points)
Scott and Vanessa vote: Katee(2 points)
Mikey votes: Katee(2 points)
Seth and Melinda vote: Joshua(3 points)
Jenna votes: Joshua(3 points)
Todd and Ronni vote: Katee(2 points)

Scott and Vanessa's 3rd round pick (Courtney) is a finalist (5 points)
Scott and Vanessa's 1st round pick (Katee) is a finalist (5 points)
Jenna's 2nd round pick (Twitch) is a finalist (5 points)

Tena's 2nd round pick (Joshua) is the winner! (7 points)

Check out all the routines from the show!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Final episode votes!

Who will be the WINNER?

Tena votes: Joshua

Twitch always does incredible solos. Tonight was no exception.

Joshua killed the Russian duel. That was off the chain! I think that performance gave him a edge over twitch.

Katee is the most consistent and amazing dancer next to Will, however I don't think people will vote for her.

Didn't really like the Fox Trot Twitch and Katee did.

Joshua's solo was really nice and I think his personality showed thru.

The final Mia Michaels routine was fantastic and the fact that they could pull that off at the end was amazing. Joshua's leaps were over everyone's head and he outshown Twitch. Katee's technique was beautiful and her lines were perfect. Courtney did not look good at all.

My pick to win is Joshua.

Scott and Vanessa vote: Katee

Twitch vs. Joshua? Joshua owned it and it was obvious.

Katee vs. Courtney? Katee owned it and it was obvious.

Katee vs. Joshua? Katee is our girl so we are going with her. She is also the most consistent dancer on the show and could do just about everything! We do like Joshua a lot and it would probably be a coin flip for us if Katee wasn't part of our team. Damn they are both so good.

Mikey votes: Katee

going home: Courtny, Twitch, Joshua
winning: Katee

Seth and Melinda vote: Joshua

We are going to say Courtney and Twitch with Katee in 2nd and Joshua in first.

Jenna votes: Joshua

Well, I have to say...I found last weeks show to be wildly more exciting than this weeks. For a season finale, it was not very spectacular. I mean, I was way more excited about "Samantha Who" than I was about the routines in this show. And to be honest, I don't think it was the dancing. I think it was the choreography.

Can we please please PLEASE have Shane Sparks back? That routine by NappyTabs was horrible. I wanted so much more out of that than we got. I also felt like it was a poor choice in music. Not because the song is bad - the song in fact is killer. However, it was recently used in Step up 2 (not a good movie but check the dancing. Seriously.) and the dancing to that song in particular was unbelieveable. So I heard the song start and I expected this high energy, raw, fast, hip hop routine and I got something that only sort of resembled raw where hits were missed and there was just a general feeling of "eh." For a finale and for that song I expected way more.

I would like to know who had the bright idea to put broadway, jive, and the russian piece in the finale? In general, I find broadway and jive less exciting than many of the other dances they have on the show. They also do not showcase the dancers as much as I would have hoped. The broadway routine was ok, but not something that I was very excited about. And jive is awful. I would have loved to see something else instead, maybe a waltz or a jazz.

I loved the Russian routine. It was great to see on the show and a great showcase for Josh. Not sure if the choreography really helped Twitch out at all or if he just wasn't quite up to par so they had to make it work for him. Or maybe I was just drawn to the big flashy jumps. Even though I loved it, I'm not sure it was the best choice for the last show. I would have LOVED to see them do hip hop together. I know it's not a stretch for versitility, but at this point in the season, we know they can dance. I want to be so excited about a routine that I jump out of my seat and I think a hip hop with the boys could have delivered.

Katee and Josh's contemp routine was amazing. There's no question that they scored in a big way by getting Wade. Wow.

Everything else for me was just ok. I definitely wanted more out of last night's show.

On an unrelated note; the costumes this week were AWFUL. Especially on the girls. What is up with the crap-tacular outfit Courtney had to wear for the hip hop? She was crazy and frumpy. And those awful things both the girls had to wear for Broadway were something out of a moth filled costume room from the community theatre in Nowheres-ville IL. Ew. I wonder if moms worldwide are starting to worrying about the scantilly clad women on the show and the producers decided to make it more family orriented. Even the spankies got longer.

As for who I think will go home, I don't know. I think Josh may win the whole thing. Well, I don't even think that. I just hope he does. Here is the order I would place them in if I got to be the single judge and the order in which I will vote (since I don't know what America is thinking...):

4th: Twitch - America loves him. Some girl wants to marry him. Crazy. But the other dancers are better....
3rd: Katee - amazing dancer. She doesn't need this show. Mia is going to hire her tomorrow.
2nd: Courtney - wow. So much improvement and so much to offer.
1st: Josh - DAMN. He isn't trained?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think one of the judges even called him an "everything dancer."

So who got tickets to the show? i'm thinking about it....

Todd and Ronni vote: Katee

We are going for Katee to win.