Friday, June 20, 2008

Episode 2 results

Tena votes: Marquis and Susie (2 points)
Scott and Vanessa vote: Matt and Susie (1 point)
Mikey votes: Thayne and Chelsea
Seth and Melinda vote: Marquis and Susie (2 points)
Jenna votes: Thayne and Susie (1 point)
Todd and Ronni vote: Chris and Kourtni

Mikey's 2nd round pick (Marquis) is voted off (1 point)
Todd and Ronni's 2nd round pick (Susie) is voted off (1 point)

Check out all the routines from the show!


Ronni said...

LOL...we get a point when we lose a team member...awesome.

Scott Angelius said...

Hehe yeah... but you get only one point right now... if your player leaves later and later, you get more and more points. :o