Thursday, June 26, 2008

Episode 3 votes!

Tena votes: Chris and Jessica

Unfortunately my own guy Chris. He never finished his moves and his arms show no control. He starts off strong and finishes weak. I think he has a conditioning problem. Did you see the way he was breathing so hard after the routine and never recovered his breath? They are all trained dancers, that shows a conditioning problem. Oh well, I think I am going to lose a person off my team.

Also I think that Will and Jessica were a hot mess. Chelsea and Thayne were horrific and she really overpowered Thayne. Their only redemption in my eyes was the fact that the choreography was really god awful, so totally not their fault. So the girl I think will go home is Jessica.

Now on to the best of the night. Courtney and Gev. That was hot!!!!! Girlfriend was working that dress! I love her passion and her performance face.

Hey what is up with all the bad choreography. This is the worst season ever for choreographers, they are all so horrible!

Scott and Vanessa vote: Chris and Chelsea

Our team:

Courtney. Ok, let's get this out right away. HOLY HOT AMAZING SEXY WOW WOW WOW DRESS!!! Oh my. Wow. Other girls have worn stuff like that, but man, she really sold it. Just... wow. Anyway, both of them were great, but who the hell was watching Gev?

Katee. And speaking of other girls that wear dresses like Courtney's... here's Katee! For being shy, she actually looked pretty comfortable in it. We just would really have liked to have have Joshua wear something a little more fancy to match... or at least not clash. We didn't like this routine as much as the judges did, but it was still solid. Although the beginning was ON, up until the walks forward.

Chelsea. Sad to say it, but the best part of Thayne and Chelsea's routine was the ending. Quickstep has been the deathblow to many a couple. But they definitely should have danced it better. All around stinker.

Other thoughts:

Will and Jessica's routine was alright... but the lifts/drops/aerials that were later in the routine were really rough for me... not so much the lifts themselves (except that deathdrop where she hit her side pretty hard), but the entrances and exits were like, "and now we are doing this aerial... and now we are done doing this aerial..." How about dancing in and out of them?

We miss Shane Sparks! Sometimes Napoleon and Tabitha are good and sometimes they suck. When I first saw Twitch / Kherington's routine I thought: All this candy hip hop crap is driving me nuts. Shane did the same awesome stories but it was always hot AND it was like BET... this isn't even MTV... it's like VH1... UGH!

Then when I saw Mark / Chelsie's routine I thought: Holy shit I got chills all the way through it. They were both so SICK! Chelsie's solo moment was so so awesome and emotional - and Mark was totally in character... all the way down to that little moment at the end when they look at each other and Mark looks down, knowing that they just fought and he is going off to work and leaving her but that isn't even what he really wants. Just wow. How is it that Tabitha and Napoleon choreograph one awesome routine and one shit routine every week? Maybe they just shouldn't try to do anything that would be played on BET (i.e. the first routine to Busta Rhymes) and stick to to VH1 stuff (like Leona Lewis, the second routine).

Mikey votes: Thanye and Comfort

[notes coming...]

Seth and Melinda vote: Chris and Jessica

Twitch and Kherington: We feel like they did ok, but we really hated the choreography. That isn't their fault, but I don't feel like they are at the top of my list like they were. We think a lot is riding on their popularity, but they are great dancers.

Courtney and Gev: We think that was such a hot routine. To be honest, nervousness was our first emotion, but they killed it. They have great chemistry and we are so glad they survived that sucky disco from 2 weeks ago. Um, and Courtney looked hot. Seriously.

Comfort and Chris: What. The. Hell. Although we have no problem with the music choice, I think some people may be turned off by it. And that was the least of the issues. It just felt flat and weird. I think Comfort did better than Chris and I think we may be saying goodbye to him this week. Comfort is just sick on her solos, so we think she'll stay.

Jessica and Will: Really, the disco just needs to be shelved for this show. Permanently. Will is great and I think that showed through this routine. He of course, has outstanding lines and always does an amazing job. Jessica needs to go. We think this is her week. Her dancing makes us feel uncomfortable.

Kourtni and Matt: We've been skeptical of Matt and his mega pointy toes. We like Kourtni but haven't loved her. This week, the choreography was amazing and they did amazing. Kourtni didn't look so clunky this week, and they had tons of personality. And I loved her leggings (this is obviously not Seth writing this week).

Chelsea T and Thayne: This was horrible. I think some of that wasn't completely their fault...we didn't like the choreography at all and the song made me want to pull my eyes out. It made us sad, because they both have huge potential. And let's face it, along with the disco, the quickstep is the kiss of death.

Chelsea H and Mark: Our very favorite couple. They've delivered every week. Her sweetness combined with his quirkiness makes for an amazing coupling and chemistry. The hip hop hasn't been as killer as Shane Sparks, but this was perfect. We think they have great potential to be in the top 4. Yay!

Katee and Joshua: As much as we don't really like Katee, they did great on this. Joshua is wonderful. We wonder what will happen if and when they get separated. Not sure how long Katee will hang on her own. They are great together and I felt like cuddling with him. Or something.

Our top couples this week: Court and Gev, Kourtni and Matt, Chelsea H and Mark, and Katee and Joshua. Go home, Jessica and Chris!

Jenna votes: Chris and Comfort

I love the new judge. He's got some really great insight and I thought he was giving the dancers some excellent feedback. I would like to keep him.

This is the first week I have enjoyed anything that Tabitha and Napoleon have done. The prison break routine was awesome. I loved it. What a great routine for Kherington and Twitch to do. I actually liked "Bleeding Love" routine too, which I thought I would hate. Chelsie and Mark were incredible in that routine. They were smooth, and sharp when they needed to be, and passionate and that was a pleasure to see. If that passion were any less, I think I would have hated it because "lyrical hip hop" doesn't work for me. They definitely proved me wrong and that it can work but is difficult to pull off.

I loved the Kourtni and Matt contemporary routine this week. How fun. Everything from the lines to the play fighting and the tie biting was great. It made me want to be in their comic book. It was also nice to see a routine that really fit Matt's quirky personality. Awesome.

The bottom three couples I think are obvious this week: 1) Chelsea and Thayne. Seriously, that looked AWFUL. The only thing I liked about that routine was her dress. And he annoys me. I want him to go away just because I am annoyed. 2) Comfort and Chris. A solid effort but honestly, my roommate's kitten has more fire in it that Chris did and Comfort could have done better. She's annoying too. And 3) Jessica and Will. Too many mistakes - and even the parts they did right are going to have to go beyond doing them right to keep up with everyone else.

Scott, this one's for you: I loved Cat's dress and shoes!!

Todd and Ronni vote: Chris and Chelsea

Bottom 3 couples:
Chris & Comfort - Chris is still a freakin' tree. At least Comfort will be able to dance for her life and get a better partner.
Thayne & Chelsea - They got the shaft by drawing the quickstep, yeah yeah, but they should have stepped it up. Haha, we are so punny.
Matt & Kourtni - We still hate Matt and his pointy toes. Talk about trees, he's a Weeping Willow.

We love love love Tabitha and Napoleon and their "lyrical hip hop" or
whatever they are calling it. They are our favorite choreographers of
all time!


Reese said...

Ok, so the dancing-for-your-lives, Kourtni has never danced better. It seemed like she new she would have to do it last night and actually choreographed something. Thayne was also very musical with his dance. girl is so talented. She will always be able to save her self as long as she wants it.

Tena said...

I can't stand anything that Nappie Tab choreograph! Unorginal and it doesn't remotely resemble Hip Hop in anyway. I hope that they create something I will change my mind over because they are bringing down the show.

melinda said...

I feel so up and down about Tabitha and Napoleon. I agree with Scott and routine is so awful and one is amazing. Where the hell are Shane Sparks and my husband Wade Robson??

Scott Angelius said...

I heard that Nigel and Randy Jackson both agreed that Shane Sparks could do both shows... but that it was MTV that said no. So he had to choose... and on MTV's show he is a head judge. Sucks, but I can understand him going over there.