Thursday, June 12, 2008

Episode 1 votes!

Tena votes: Jamie and Jessica

My vote offs for the week are Jamie and Jessica. Jamie looked like a piece of white toast out there and was blah, blah, blah. Jessica couldn't keep her feet under her and I thought she looked extremely klunky.

The couple to watch and who I think will be the crowd favorites are Twitch and Kherington. I thought they got a bad piece of choreo and worked what their mama gave them. Kherington is gorgeous and a beautiful dancer and Twitch has the heart of gold that will endear him to the audience. I don't expect these two to get voted off for a very long time. Go TWITCHINGTON!

Scott and Vanessa vote: Matt and Kourtni

We think Matt and Kourtni are going home this week. Didn't like their choreography... didn't think they danced it well. They will likely be in the bottom 3 couples. The question will be: can they dance for their lives. We think no, but we shall see. :)

We also think either Gev and Courtney, Jamie and Rayven, or Chris and Comfort will be in the bottom 3. Matt might be safe against Jamie or Chris... and Kourtni might be safe against Rayven... but we still think Matt and Kourtni are most likely to go home.

Mikey votes: Gev and Comfort

Gev was alright but didnt show america his fullest potential and didnt come across as a dancer but a person who can imitate and remember choreography.

Comfort, even though I think her fun / ge-hetto attitude will save her, I think that she wont get that many votes since she could show much versatility.

I liked Joshua & Katee! I mean come on she was out of her element and he was in it. together they made me cry for a piece that was full of emotion and well thought out. they're connection was all there; in the spirit and the forcefulness that Josh threw Katee into those air steps were amazing! i look forward to these 2 doing great things.

And Mark & Chelsie. i expect to see better from these 2. i saw the affect of the bright light and big stage this week but if they can get over that nervousness they will do great things.

Seth and Melinda vote: Rayven and Chris

The debate was long on this one. There were quite a few sucky dancers that we wanted to see go. Chris to us still had no personality and if he did, it was forced and awkward. We just didn't care at all for Rayven's dancing and since there were two Hip-Hop routines, one being far superior to the other, then the first would be forgotten pushing the first into the bottom. Then comparing Rayven to the others who she'd be dancing against, it seemed that she would be the likely candidate.

Jenna Stworzyjanek votes: Kourtni and Matt

Frankly, I didn't like any of these performances:

Rayven and Jamie
Kourtni and Matt
Courtney and Gev
Susie and Marquis

First, that "cotton candy hip hop" routine was awful and I blame everyone who was involved. Particularly for Jamie being pantsed. I miss Shane and Wade. Matt has no personality and I was not impressed by Gev. And the waltz was totally flubbed, I don't care what Nigel said. I think I just expecting too much early in the season. I mean they did just get started.

My first instinct was to go think that Gev and Courtney would be voted off first but I like Courtney and she may have saved them. So, I am going to go with Kourtni and Matt mostly because I have already forgotten what they look like.

By the way, is anyone else irritated by Cat Deely? If it wasn't for the crush Nigel has on her legs, I don't think she ever would have gotten the job.

I did really like the Mia Micheal's performance. I get the feeling that if you get her as a choreographer you want to work extra hard because you don't want to disappoint her and it totally showed. I also enjoyed the 2nd hip hop routine (well more than the first).

Ronni and Todd vote: Jamie and Courtney

Jamie was just too cheese ball and really couldn't hang with hip hop, especially after seeing Josh & Katee perform a hip hop routine by the same choreographers that gave us goosebumps. He took Rayven down with him. Courtney...ugh...worst split lift ever, could not hit a pose to save her life. Bleah. And Gev....ew...but Todd insists on Jamie.

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