Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Players!

Tena Morales
Houston, TX
Dancer, judge, teacher, and event coordinator
Scott Angelius and Vanessa Shields
Austin, TX
Dancers, teachers, and event coordinators
Mikey Pedroza
Laguna Hills, CA
Dancer, competitor, and teacher
Seth Dietzel and Melinda Nave
Tampa, FL
Jenna Stworzyjanek
Chicago, IL
Dancer and teacher
Todd and Ronni Dewey
Denver, CO
Dancers, teachers, judges, and event coordinators


Ronni said...

We also compete and judge, though not usually at the same time.

Princess Jami said...

Will I be able to play along? I think this sounds really fun. :-)

Scott Angelius said...

Please do play along! Feel free to comment in any of the posts. :)