Thursday, July 31, 2008

Episode 8 votes!

Tena votes: Mark and Chelsie



Hot Mess of the night – Tabby's and Nappy's choreography. Can we actually get someone who knows how to choreograph hip hop? I absolutely positively hated it.

Just plain Hot – Joshua and Katee's contemporary piece. The lifts were amazing. Joshua was so strong and there for Katee. Katee is completely fearless and attacks everything she does.

Solos – Courtney always does a great job. Twitch's solo was super fun and his ticks are stellar.

Please go home Mark and Chelsea! If this boy is in the top four or God forbid..... wins this show, I don't think I can stand to watch this show ever again.

Scott and Vanessa vote: Twitch and Chelsie

WOOOOAH! That was a ROCKIN night! Crazy sick routine after crazy sick routine... ok, there were some not so amazing ones... but for the most part, we loved it.

We are voting for Twitch and Chelsie. We are really torn about it this week. We are choosing Chelsie because we are down in the points a bit and we need to vote for our girl Courtney: all or nothing! But we think it's almost a coin flip between Courtney and Chelsie. At the same time, we think it's almost a coin flip for Twitch and Mark too. Mark was better last night, but Twitch was better for the last two weeks. Ultimately we went with Twitch because we think America may like Mark more (although that dumb shirt thing in his solo may make us sorry for going this way).

Highlights: Joshua and Katee's sick paso doble routine and Mark and Courtney's sick jazz piece! Watching them back to back made me jump out of my chair!

By the way: Cat was so hilariously awesome when she put in that grill!

Mikey votes: Twitch and Courtney

[notes coming...]

Seth and Melinda vote: Mark and Courtney

We are going to sadly say Mark and Courtney.

Jenna votes: Twitch and Katee

I have no idea who is going home. Honestly.

Let's say Twitch and Katee.

Wow, the worst part about last night was Cat's dress. The dancing was insane. I think may favorite routine of the night was the Jazz Routine from Mark and Courtney. She has really come a long way from week 1 and looked amazing in both routines last night AND in the numbers from last week.

I also really enjoyed Katee and Josh. He's pretty darned incredible and I would be very happy if he won the whole thing. His lines are so good!

Twitch was the weakest link this week and I felt that it was in part due to some choreography and costume issues. That hip hop routine should have been off the hook - and it wasn't. It was good, there is no question, but it did not make me want to jump off the sofa in excitement like the jazz routine and the paso doble did. Seriously, at like 2am I was jumping off the sofa and cheering. I wanted the hip hop to do that and it didn't. I felt like the choreography was good but it could have been so much more and I couldn't see anything in those costumes. I get the whole baggy hip hop thing, but there were too many layers and they didn't move with the bodies of the dancers, so I couldn't tell what they were doing.

Anyway, I have NO CLUE which girl will go home. They were all outstanding. I think I only voted for Katee because they may vote for the other girls instead. It was like pulling a name out of a hat...

THAT was the show I was waiting for all season.

Todd and Ronni vote: Twitch and Courtney

Sigh. We're going to go with the other two people who were in the bottom last week because "America" wants them gone: Twitch and Courtney

Twitch's Mambo was not good and they hip hop routine didn't have enough dancing to make him shine. We like Courtney, but she just keeps ending up in the bottom so we think she'll be there again.

We would actually like to see Mark and Chelsie gone. Will is a much better dancer than Mark. We were hoping Mark would get injured and Will would be back in, but alas... Chelsie has never had to dance for her life. She doesn't do anything better than Susie did. Just solo latin dancing.

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