Thursday, July 10, 2008

Episode 5 votes!

Tena votes: Thayne and Comfort

Highlights this week for me:

Joshua and Katee's Bollywood - Best thing of the night! They both matched each other so well, great synchronization.

Twitch & Kherington! Really don't like when they do krumping in SYTYCD but I thought that Twitchington did a really good job. Kherrington came out strong and hit it hard which I was surprised at, but it goes to show you just how much energy krumping takes. Girlfriend died at the end, but overall she was much better than any other girl I have seen do it on the show.

There was SO much not to like on this show:

Joshua and Katee's Waltz - They were hitting it too hard, rather then making it smooth and polished.

Comfort and Thayne's Modern POS - Oh my Jesus. That was painful to watch. Poor Comfort looked like someone in their high school recital. Comfort's arms looked like sticks glued to her body. Super hot mess.

Jessica - The only reason this chick has not gone home is because of Will. He has to drag her butt all across the floor every week and does it admirably. I want her voted off, I just don't think they will do it.

Scott and Vanessa vote: Thayne and Comfort

Our Bottom 3 are:
Thayne and Comfort
Will and Jessica
Twitch and Kherington

Comfort and Thayne must be going home. We were thinking that before the show even started, and then the train wreck that was their contemporary piece put the nail in their coffin. Sad for Thayne because other than his weirdo smile he is a'ight. But two weak partners didn't help...

Will and Jessica are next on the list. Their jazz/contemporary piece did look great (like something out of Cirque du Soleil) and it was great that Jessica actually got into it... but I think America will struggle understanding it... add that to their HORRID quick step, and they will be dancing for their lives. I'm glad Nigel or Mary or whoever mentioned that his jacket wasn't fitting... I was thinking that the whole time. Damn wardrobe! Seriously, how many times have we said that this season?

Twitch and Kherington are the last couple in our list because while Kherington did much better than we expected in the Krump routine, she still fell apart in the end... and Twitch was all over the place in the Tango routine. I think his carriage and foot action are really going to be slammed the next time he does a ballroom piece.

Other thoughts:

One of the best moments last night was when Mia said "I want to stab you, you are so gorgeous" to Chelsie. lol. Yeah, that sums it up for us too... she rocks.

Courtney is looking hotter and hotter each week. Two good performances, so we don't think they will be in the bottom 3, although they will need to step it up a little more to compete against some of the other dancers in the coming weeks.

Bollywood routine. Definitely the best routine of the night. Those spins on the floor were very cool, but I loved how in sync they were and the intricacies of their hand / arm movements.

Mikey votes: Thayne and Comfort

Time is up time to go home.

Seth and Melinda vote: Thayne and Comfort

Bottom 3:
Comfort and Thayne
Jessica and Will
Kherington and Twitch

Chelsie and Mark: Still our favorite couple. We loved both the Salsa and Broadway. Mark may not have been 100% perfect with the Salsa, but his performance is so amazing that he really pulls it off. He is very unique, and she is just so classy. I think Seth and I agree that Chelsie is the hottest person ever. Her dancing is amazing. Her hip movement, her connection to her partner, her passion and true involvement and interest in each routine...we could go on and on. Mark may need to step it up as time goes on, but they are still extremely safe this week.

Comfort and Thayne: Our votes to go home, for sure. Once they leave (ok, well that will still leave Jessica...bleh) it's going to be a really tough call on who will go in the weeks to follow. For now though, we are still with Comfort and Thayne as the ones to go. While she may be doing the choreography, she is barely getting by. She is completely sick when it comes to her own style, but that just isn't crossing over to other styles. It's all very surface, there is no depth to her dancing. I think she has great potential with some training, but she is very lacking at this point. Props to her though for hanging in there as long as she has. Poor Thayne. I think he really is a great dancer. He hasn't really had choice partners though. He's pretty dorky, which probably doesn't help, but once he starts dancing, he is really great. We were actually pretty impressed with his hip hop. We thought we would be embarrassed for him, but not so much. We wish he could stay to see what he can do with someone else, but he also has our vote to go home.

Jessica and Will: We think they will be in the bottom three and can't wait until they get split up, so she can't ride along on his coat tails. We love Mia Michaels all around and I think she is the most legit judge on that panel. I don't always agree with her, but we certainly did tonight when she spoke up with that slap of reality about Will looking tired of carrying her. So true. The contemporary/jazz/sex shenanigans would have been amazing with Will and someone else. Anyone else. Chelsie, Katee, me... Seth even. Beautiful music and choreography, but regardless of what the judges said, we didn't like it with them dancing it together. And the Quick Step... bleh. I'd rather watch people floss on stage, really. Will may have the same issues my husband Danny did last year. Amazing dancer, but personality wasn't quite there, although Danny did pick it up in the end. We will be happy to see what happens with a new partner. Bottom 3 for sure.

Courtney and Gev: It has been wonderful to see them come up out of almost nowhere and then just blow people away. We love our boy Gev and he's been doing well, but after his disgustingly amazing solo last week we really think he is the dark horse right now. He and Courtney have a great partnership. Gev steps up to whatever he is given, and even if it's not perfect, it still looks great. Courtney is another surprise. We loved her audition, but then we didn't like her after that so much. Now both of their personalities are coming out and they are really just nailing it. Even if they did get a really stupid "run around and point at imaginary things" routine last proves they can make anything work. Hopefully they won't fall apart individually when they get split up.

Kherington and Twitch: Twitch looked great during the Krump routine. He is a great dancer, but we just don't feel connected to him as much anymore. We feel like the judges have been easier on them than they should have been in the past. Fortunately, they were a little harder on them, as they should be at this point. Kherington had a few good moments during that routine, but lost it at the end, even to the point of screwing up the choreography. We've all done it, but again, at this point things like that shouldn't really be happening. It's like when people forget lyrics on American Idol. The second routine fell flat for us. We feel like they weren't up to par this week, and that will probably land them in the bottom 3.

Katee and Joshua: The Viennese Waltz was kinda meh for us. Not bad or good. We loved loved loved the Bollywood routine. Not only was it completely refreshing to have something new, but they danced it wonderfully. Not that I'm a Bollywood expert, but from what I've seen that was a great representation of the dance. They will stick around for a while, but maybe not for the top 4. Safe this week though, for sure.

On a side note, we think that Nigel is creepier than ever and almost kind of a jerk unnecessarily sometimes. What a gross perv. And Mary and her weird laugh are more out of control than ever. Kudos to my second husband, Pasha and Anya for great choreography. We hope they take Jean Marc's place. Bleh.

Jenna votes: Thayne and Comfort

Going home: Comfort and Thane - only because I think the judges will keep Jessica after the contemporary performance from this week.

Does anyone else think Nigel is a creepy old man? His comments to Cat and Chelsie this week were a little bit more than complementary. And again what was Cat wearing? Last week's dress was atrocious and that was better than this week's! It looked like she bought a really great dress and threw it in the wash all the color came out and then she didn't iron it before she put it on.

Anyway on to the dancing:

Chelsie and Mark - I loved the salsa routine. This was one of the first partner dancing routines where I was thinking, "It would be awesome if you just took smaller steps! You look like Frankenstein!" I totally expected this from Cheslie. Wow, she's incredible. And I loved both dresses she wore this week. (So much better than last week's foxtrot dress, which looked like Big Bird threw up after eating blue cotton candy.) Cheslie is amazing. I think she will be in the top 3.

Comfort and Thayne - In the interview Comfort said "I'm so excited I finally get to do my own genre." Which is pretty much what she said a few weeks ago when she did the Krump routine. Frankly, she annoys me. Dancing aside, I want her to go home because I think she is irksome and has floated by on the show. She's like the kid in high school who is in all the honors classes but gets all C's because they're smart enough to know that if you don't try all that hard, you'll still be mildly successful. Anyway, what was with that whole "married" bit at the end of the hip hop routine? How cheesy to have a giant ring on her finger that she's showing off but only at the end. I mean come on. If these choreographer's are so genius can't they find a less cheesy way to indicate that she's taken. I might as well have been watching mime. At least then Comfort and Thayne would get trapped in a box and my annoyance would be lessened. The routine was danced ok. I didn't really find myself that excited about it and I usually am with hip hop. The fakeness really showed in the Mandy Moore routine. Comfort's arms and legs looked like she was forcing them into different positions. I also agree with Nigel in wanting to see someone else do that routine and I felt that was because my initial reaction was to hate the choreography and then I realized that they didn't dance it well.

Jessica and Will - Yay, Jessica finally did something right!!!! That contemporary routine was pretty amazing. It's so hard to be captivating in the quiet moments and they were. Wow. On an unrelated note, I think Jessica and Will may be a little more into each other than just dance parters. There's a little something there. The quickstep was weird. The going in and out of different styles (jive, the twist....etc.) just didn't flow. It looked like they were excited to do those parts because they knew them and then they'd get to the real quick step stuff and would tighten up and lose that confidence. Mia's comments about Will needing a new partner were so rough. Wow, I can understand why she doesn't feel confident. I think she's right but wow that was harsh. If she stays, she's going to have a hard time. I don;t think she will be able to be confident next week.

Courtney and Gev - I thought the Cha Cha was ok. It wasn't great but it was pretty good. Mary Murphey's sense of humor would be great for pre-schoolers - cha cha cha cha. Yuck. The jazz routine was awesome. I loved it. I think Courtney has really come a long way and has a good chance at doing quite well. Gev looked great also. Especially considering his background. I thought this was just so fun and the energy was fantastic.

Twitch and Kerrington - I will agree with the judges that this was pretty darn good for Kerrington. The first 2 thirds especially were really nice and Twitch was of course amazing in his element. I did love the breathing bit in the middle. The tango was another story. I actually thought they danced it ok, but I didn't see as much passion as I would have liked. At one point the music had a deep bass and drum really hitting every other beat and I felt like the hits the dancers made did not match. It just wasn't quite there. But, it was nice to see a lot of tango elements in the choreography.

Josh and Katee - I hate these the routines by Jean-Marc. I shouldn't say that, I think they are beautiful, but I really want to see more waltz. Maybe if they had danced it better it would have looked like waltz. But that Bollywood number was so fun! They really looked great and I thought it was really cool to see that as a form of dance on the show. It was so cool!!

I can't wait to see everyone with the different partners!!!!

Todd and Ronni vote: Thayne and Comfort

We are voting for Thayne and Comfort to be "offed". Boy do the judges not like Comfort anymore. Mia even said she lost her vote last night. Ouch. And after Comfort's lackluster "save me...maybe" dance last week, we don't think she has it in her. Thayne can dance and so some cool things, but they can't forget his super-smile, and even getting rid of it...mostly...this week might be too little too late.

Other possible bottom 3 couples:

They really lit into Twitch this week, and even Kherrington a little, so they might end up in the bottom, although we just love them and think the fans will vote to keep them outta there.

Will and Jessica will most likely end up in the bottom, especially since the judges oh-not-so-subtlety suggested it was time for Will to get a new partner. Then Jessica will be gone, but only if Comfort just blows them away in the dance-off.

Courtney and Gev - they just aren't America's sweethearts, even though they are fabulous in whatever they do now. Gev's dance to save his life last week was the best dancing we'd seen in a dance-off so far. Wow, that was cool. We almost hope he's in the bottom again just to see him dance!

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