Thursday, July 24, 2008

Episode 7 votes!

Tena votes: Mark and Comfort

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Scott and Vanessa vote: Mark and Comfort

Bottom 2 girls:
and.... Comfort

Bottom 2 guys:

Bye bye Comfort... We're still confused on how she made it this far. There's no way she can hold on for another week. We feel for Mark because he is good, but his solo wasn't great and he was in the only routine that the judges didn't like. We think it just might be the thing that kicks him to the curb this week.

Favorites of the night: Katee and Twitch's Mia Michaels routine. Katee was phenomenal, but we thought that Twitch got way too much praise. In the actual dancing that he did do, he looked floppy and clunky. Sorry Twitch, but Katee totally stole the show. We also loved Will's solo. Some of the moves weren't as awesome as they could have been, but we give him props for pulling it out.

Our team totally rocked it out last night. As noted by the judges, Katee has been bringing it since day one. No matter who she's paired with or the style of dance, she consistently shines. Courtney is getting stronger and stronger each week and her solos are absolutely beautiful. We're confident that we'll see our girls in the final four!

Mikey votes: Joshua & Chelsie

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Seth and Melinda vote: Mark and Comfort

Courtney and Will: Usually, we hate Don Juan DeMarco or whatever the hell that choreographers name is. This week, not so much. We like the Samba routine and thought it was well executed. When Will's technique was on, it was really hot. Their hip hop routine, not so much. I don't really prefer that soft, slow type of hip hop. If it's going to be done, it needs to be amazing or I lose interest. It just fell sort of flat for us. I'm not sure if it was the choreography or the dancing or both, but it was just kind of meh for us. Courtney will probably be sharing the bottom with Comfort. Um, and as for James Brown...let's not ever do that again. I love James Brown, I love me some true Soul, but really?? That made me feel weird.

Katee and Twitch: We think Katee is a really great dancer and will probably be in the top four. Twitch, maybe not. He could be in the bottom this week. He's completely sick at what he does, but I feel like they are too easy on him during the routines. I think he's a little too clunky and unrefined. The contemporary routine was good, but not amazing. Replace Twitch with someone else, maybe it would have flowed better. It was good though. The jazz routine was cute. That is all I can say about that. We are such tough critics!

Comfort and Mark: Ok, I know people either love or hate Comfort, but no matter what she is so good I could just lose it when it comes to hip hop. It's street and dirty like hip hop needs to be. I thought that their hip hop routine was really good. Even Mark did really well, although not as good as Comfort. Their Foxtrot was better than I thought it would be, but that isn't saying much. Mark's solo was great, but I think they are both going home this week.

Chelsie and Joshua: Chelsie is the hottest thing ever, "yes she is" (I HATE when Mary Murphy says that). But she really is. And not just because she is our only teammate left. The tango that they did...oh my. It was so hot. Very well danced. I almost cried because she looked so amazing. Joshua did a great job too. He has such wonderful versatility and a charming personality, we think he'll be in the top 4. Even though we loathe Disco, this one didn't make us want claw our eyes out. It was good, even with the screw up. They have great chemistry and both adapt well to every new partner they get.

Jenna votes: Mark and Comfort

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Todd and Ronni vote: Mark and Comfort

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