Thursday, July 3, 2008

Episode 4 votes!

Tena votes: Thayne and Kourtni

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Scott and Vanessa vote: Thayne and Comfort

We think the bottom three are:
Will and Jessica
Thayne and Comfort
Matt and Kourtni

Thayne and Comfort are the ones to go home. Comfort got a lot of praise tonight from the judges, but we think that she is the weakest girl by far. And we say Thayne because he is one of the weakest guys and we just never believe him.

Favorites of the night: Joshua & Katee's contemporary, Will & Jessica's lyrical jazz, and Twitchington's contemporary routine. All awesome and super HOT! (Vanessa just likes the routines where the guys with 6packs don't have shirts on ;).

Other thoughts:

There were a number of routines this week that we thought "not good enough". Just a couple more weeks of weeding out the weaker dancers and then we will have an awesome show!

Will and Jessica's Jive made Scott want to puke. Why o why would someone think kicking like that and holding your arms like that looks good? *hurl!* And then Nigel and Mary want hip movement. Yeah... Jive sucks a nut.

We both liked Mark and Chelsie's Fox Trot. Partnering was good... good rise and fall... solid. And I like that Mark thought he did poorly even though he did pretty well - that perfectionism and lack of ego is nice to see and will help get him to the top.

Mia Michaels. She is like a golden ticket.

The West Coast Swing routine was so stale for me. The connection in the swing dances is so hard to fake and man did that show. I think Benji could have given them some choreography that would allow them to fake it a little easier... everything was start, stop, butt wiggle, wash, rinse, repeat. Sad to say it, because Joshua and Katee rock!

Courtney G is stepping it up more and more each week! Awesome.

Mikey votes: Thayne and Kourtni

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Seth and Melinda vote: Thayne and Kourtni


Wedensday is show that we can put some oooomph behind! There were 3 times that both Mel and I were like WTF!! Robert Muraine, Courtney, and Gev. Our boy Gev stole the show. That was some sick stuff. Finally some entertainment. Courtney is finally the first girl to show what it is like to dance for your life.

Back to Tuesday -

Thayne and Comfort - Thayne just looks uncomfortable sometimes. Maybe it is because he is so short. Its almost like when you take your fingers and make them dance on your hand, that is what he looks like on stage sometimes. We want him to do better. Really. Sadly he is just not up to par with any of the other males on the show in regards to entertainment value. Comfort did impress us by dancing out of her element and we felt that is what would have kept her safe.

Matt and Kourtni - Ahhh you poor misunderstood souls. We want to attach to you, Kourtni... there is just something that we can't latch onto. Your hip hop was terrible. And Matt... my friend you did do better than your partner but still. Props for not pointing your toes in everything. Sadly the end of the line is coming for you soon.

Will and Jessica - JESSICA GO HOME!! I know I know, we keep saying that. As for Will. I know that the judges love him. I don't know about America . We honestly aren't as attached to him. He is a genius in body movement. But there is something distant about his dancing or his soul in dancing that feels just out of reach. It is sort of the same thing that happened with Danny last year. Ummm and the Jive... It should have been the bottom 3 kiss of death.

Katie and Joshia - Ok, we are all dancers here and we can admit a poorly planned and executed swing routine when we see one. It was a train wreck. Benji did such a good job last year with Pasha and Sara. This was a nightmare. The kiss of Gold having Mia Michaels is redemption for them. Joshua is an entertainer. He just lights up the stage no matter what. Katie... well... we are kind of meh about her sometimes. I think its because she gets this look on her face, only occasionally, kind of like when you have to go number 2 but there isn't a bathroom, so you hold it in miserably... thats the look.. and it can't be avoided.

Twitch and Kherington - I think I'm over Twitchington. They also get Mia Michaels. They also will be safe. The Pasa Doble was just not good. Twitch really seems to suffer when it comes to any kind of Ballroom partner dancing and it is frustrating that the judges don't call him out more on it. Kherington just look weird with that toothy growly grin. I really do want to love them more. They have great personalities. But I think it is lacking in their performances.

Courtny and Gev - They are both the Dark Horses of this competition. It seems though, that thus far they have gotten a fair share of really shitty routines. Courtney hit that Hip Hop so hard, we couldn't stop watching her. Gev was a bit of a let down since it was closer to his element. However their chemistry is good. It seems pretty obvious that he is way into her, or at least that is the appearance their relationship gives on the show.

Chelsie and Mark - What can we say. Still our favs. Sick chemistry. Despite the judges comments, we feel like Mark had an excellent carriage, better than any of the other males that have done any routines that require it. Chelsie's dress looked like Cookie Monster swallowed Big Bird and then threw up (this is the 2nd time she has been given an outfit that doesn't compliment being able to watch her move). Mark is quarky. Chelsie is a tomboy. But somehow they just work together and she ends up looking classy and he sophisticated.

Here is a small rant again - Most of these routines are sucking hard. It is so sad that the dancers solos are beating out a majority of the routines in creativity and entertainment value. It was so nice, back in the day when one could think to themselves "I wonder what Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, and Mia Michaels are going to bring this week". Now we just have to wonder before each routine "is this going to not suck?". When it comes down to it, we love to be entertained and it is lacking somewhat this season. Its like its swallowed up in a series of mediocre semi-acceptable performances. The dancers do bring it with their personalties, but we are just not connecting this year with the choreography a majority of the time, especially in the hip hop arena, which used to be a forte for the show.

Jenna votes: Matt and Kourtni

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Todd and Ronni vote: Matt and Kourtni

Our bottom couples are:

Matt and Kourtni - We didn't throughly enjoy either routine and think America will be as indifferent and not vote to keep them. Matt did alright with the smooth hip hop. He was much better about not toe-pointing, but the judges still picked them apart. They supposedly came back somewhat with the latin routine, but I was screaming at Kourtni because she was so stiff. It's a latin gotta shake those hips! When it comes to dancing for their lives, Matt will do his same old kicks and spins and be gone. Kourtni, who impressed us with a choreographed life-saving dance last week, will have to pull that out double this week to be safe.

Thayne and Comfort - They will probably end up in the bottom, but not because of Comfort. She is really bringing it. The judges love her, too. Depends on the people willing to plunk down a dollar a vote. If they end up in the bottom, Comfort will save herself again, but Thayne may not. He's been called a phony before.

Will and Jessica - They got sucky Jive. Yuck. Right in the bottom because of that, but mostly because of Jessica. Then they got their own style: contemporary, and did really well, but Will still did better. Jessica can't quite emote. Just like Thayne. It comes across phony. Will can dance for his life. Jessica...don't think she's got it in her.

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