Thursday, July 17, 2008

Episode 6 votes!

Tena votes: Mark and Comfort

Kherrington and Mark - I think they gave them a really difficult routine. I disagree that it was all her fault. Mark also needs to know how to follow his partner while she is spinning, especially if she gets away from him.

Star of the night? GEV!!! Gev's solo - Homeboy came out like gangbusters and said I am NOT going home! I loved the use of the shirt. Also loved the routine with Chelsea. That was a nice piece of choreography. Finally someone choreographed to the music. Chelsea's performance projection is near perfect.

Hot mess of the night? Comfort and Twitch - Comfort wobbled and bobbled on those heels all across the floor.

Just plain hot? Joshua and Kourtni's Rhumba. My man Josh was working those hips.

Will and Katee - I really wanted to see these two do a hot piece of choreography. They are both so talented. I think they did the best they could with what they were given, but the choreo was pretty lame. The use of the boat didn't allow them to showcase their talents. BUT their pas de deux.... oh my gosh. That was amazing. I think Will is the best damn all around dancer I have seen. He can do it all!

Scott and Vanessa vote: Mark and Comfort

Bottom 2 girls:

Bottom 2 guys:

Our team looked great tonight. Katee and Courtney both had awesome solos! For solos, they are definitely the best girls left.

Courtney's routines were great, though she did look a little limp in the hip hop... which was the point I guess, but we don't think it showcased her. It was a rad routine - especially liked the electric kiss. The Rhumba was sick! All around goodness.

Katee's first routine was a waste of good talent. They danced it well... just a little silly routine though... and then there was the Pas de Deux was SO SO SO GOOD!

Train wreck? Mark & Kherrington's two-step. Wow that sucked. Worst routine of the night... worst routine of the season... worst routine of the show!

Mikey votes:

Seth and Melinda vote: Mark and Kherrington

What a strange ride this Season has become so far. There are times that we find ourselves elated with excitement, nearly shouting at the screen for the visual orgasm that is being shown (Hip-Hop solos, Contemporary/Lyrical, Bollywood, Mia Michaels)... and yet we also find ourselves in a WTF mood for some of the routines and the judges comments and the overall shift that this season feels to have taken from the previous seasons.

It was really sad to see Gev go. Not only was he our team member, but also, we feel it was undeserved at this time. His solos were slick and out of most of the other male dancers, we feel he has grown the most. Something that the show and judges once applauded, but now which seems to take a back seat to an underlying political agenda. While it is America that decides the final outcome it is unfortunate that they are being fed garbage (especially from Lithgow).

Now for the performances -

Chelsea and Gev - Contemporary. Amazing. Don't remember the name of the choreographer, but this is her 2nd and it was just as much of a success. Gev was again out of his element but we feel he really stepped up. Jive - Why oh why do they still bring this dance to the table. Still Chelseas ballroom experience was again shown. Lithgow was too hard on Gev.

Katie and Will - Broadway was ho-hum. It just seemed like they were running around and moving around a lot. Pade Du - We were speechless. This proved the strength of both of their dancing.

Twitch and Comfort - Twitch has never done a ballroom piece well and this time was again no exception. His torso and carriage is weak and he seems to klump around like a Clydesdale.
Of course they redeemed themselves with a very sick hip-hop, but that was to be anticipated.

Mark and Kherington - Again the standards of the show are lowered with what Melinda has coined the Poo Step. Why this was even introduced is beyond. Jazz was ok. Thats all there is to say about it.

Joshua and Courtney - Pop N Lock was straight on. Joshua is insane and his Rhumba hip action almost superseded Courtney's.

So now our team is a solo one. Chelsea is strong, and hot, and hippy, and its those things we will be riding on to take her to the top.

Jenna votes: Mark and Kherrington

Hmm this one is hard.

I'm going to go with Mark and Kherrington. Really I think it's Mark and either Comfort or Kerringotn but I think that the hip hop routine may have saved her...

Again Cat's dress was awful Seriously, girl needs a new stylist. More thoughts later...

Todd and Ronni vote: Mark and Comfort

Didn't know Chelsie was carrying Mark so much, and his competition is harsh, so we think he's gone. And, sadly, Comfort aka Jessica is going to go, too....again, although we've never seen her try so hard. Kherington was a close second...she's in trouble when it comes to actually being led.

We had no idea Jessica had been dancing injured this whole time, wow, good on her! Love how she was all "See you on tour!" just a little smug, just to let us know she still had that. Glad Comfort finally had a fantastic dance, in her genre, with a good partner. That first Bride of Frankenstein routine with Josh and Courtney was fun and had they not told us it wasn't Tabitha and Napoleon, we would have totally thought they did it. We thought Courtney rocked it. First white girl not to get ripped apart for hip hop. We realized that Chelsea does the same freaking thing at the little dance at the show beginning and then did 30 seconds more in her solo. She might be in trouble for that. Love Josh and Katee. A plague on whoever took them! They were in our top 3 with Will. Grrrrr.

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